Did the Jesus Terry portrayed represent the Jesus of the Gospels accurately/inaccurately? Describe.

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    Hi Terry,
    I’m on page 51. Really loving it so far. However what’s your response to the majority of the beginning of the book being set in a bar WITH Jesus serving and drinking alcohol?
    What’s your response to the person reading this book associating those images with their previous life of Alcoholism?

    Is the explanation going to be “well you should realize there’s a difference between Alcoholism and Jesus having a couple brews” (or some other form of brushing it off?)

    For those people, Jesus found them and brought them OUT of the bar not encouraged them to stay in it and drink (just not as much).

    Also, how is it different for the main gathering place, and setting, to be in a Strip Club? Jesus isn’t a sex addict, he only had one lap dance before talking with his followers. And they only meet there every once a while.

    I do want to stress this argument and question mainly comes, not from me specifically, from what I fear will be the hindering block for Alcoholics (and those with similar stumbling blocks) reading your book.

    Warm regards,

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    Terry Esau

    Thanks for your response. I appreciate your question. The Jesus I see in the Gospels chose to spend much of his time among people who were the outcasts, the ones that the religious elite would not be caught dead hanging around. I suspect if they had bars back then, that Jesus would have been at those bars with those people. He never shied away from being with those people in their environments. In fact in The Message in Luke it talks about Jesus having dinner with a ‘collection of disreputable guests.’ I’m guessing those settings were no more or less ‘polluted’ than a bar.

    With regard to Jesus serving alcohol, when Jesus turned the water into wine he was in essence serving alcohol. Beyond that, the sacrament of communion is bread and wine. That could be interpreted as an affront to alcoholics as well. Jesus never said drinking was wrong, only getting drunk. I believe we have to be very careful not to add words or conditions to the things Jesus said.

    Regarding your comparison to a strip club, I think that’s apples and oranges. A strip club is a visual experience, so unless you walk in wearing a blindfold you would be participating in the experience. You can certainly walk into a bar without getting drunk. I do it all the time. And really, aren’t all restaurants that serve alcohol now, in essence, bars? The Neon Cathedral was the kind of place you and I might go to get a burger. And if Jesus were here today, I expect we would see him there.
    I hope that helps explain my thinking. Let me know what you think.

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    Awesome response Terry. Thank you.

    Also, looking at the accusations of Matt 11:19, the Son of Man came “eating and drinking” and was accused of being a drunkard and friend of tax collectors. Look out!!

    I’m not advocating drinking in access or “because Jesus did” let’s go party. From the Alcoholic perspective, the realization of change should come much deeper than “can I or can’t I.” If there are decisions that have been made personally that have destroyed or caused addiction, absolutely that verse is not encouraging to get right back in it and destroy your life further. God’s grace and love is infinite, and the security of our salvation in tact. But that doesn’t eliminate the consequences of our bad decisions on this earth.

    I’m looking forward to continuing reading your book!

    I can almost hear the “righteous elite” loading their guns and crafting their arguments to hurl at you. You’re gonna stir the pot quite a bit with this book. I can already tell! Making them mad makes me happy for some twisted reason.

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